Revolutionizing Hyderabad Travel: The Stunning New Cherlapalli Terminal Unveiled!

Revolutionizing Hyderabad Travel: The Stunning New Cherlapalli Terminal Unveiled!

Cherlapalli Railway Terminal Hyderabad : A new terminal for rail passengers is fast nearing completion at Cherlapalli on the outskirts of Hyderabad and is expected to be inaugurated this month. With the most modern facilities and features and design elements on par with airports, the new facility is taking shape at a cost of Rs 430 crore.

Revolutionizing Hyderabad Travel: The Stunning New Cherlapalli Terminal Unveiled!

Discover the brand-new Cherlapalli Railway Terminal in Hyderabad, set to open in July. With airport-like amenities and modern design, this Rs 430 crore facility promises to transform your travel experience.

According to railway officials, once the station is ready, many trains are likely to commence from Cherlapalli since the existing railway stations—Secunderabad, Hyderabad, and Kacheguda—are saturated due to the huge inflow and outflow of traffic. To ease the congestion at these terminals, Lingampalli station on the west is already being developed as a terminal station.

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Modern Architectural Facade and Amenities

The new station building with a modern architectural facade is being constructed and will comprise six booking counters, separate waiting halls for women and men, as well as an upper-class waiting area and an executive lounge on the ground floor.

The South Central Railway (SCR) officials mentioned that the first floor will house a cafeteria, restaurant, feeding cabins for mothers, and restroom facilities for both women and men. The design will feature spacious concourse areas and a modern elevation with illuminated facade lighting. The station also comes under the MMTS Phase – II project.

Enhanced Infrastructure

The redeveloped station will have four additional high-level platforms, while the existing five platforms have also been extended to accommodate full-length trains. Two new foot overbridges, one 12 meters wide and another 6 meters wide, to facilitate seamless inter-platform movement, are being incorporated. Further, all nine platforms would have escalators and lifts. It will also have coach maintenance facilities for facilitating the starting of trains from the station.

A Fourth Major Passenger Terminal

“Cherlapalli railway station will become the fourth major passenger terminal in the twin cities. The new terminal is being developed with modern facilities and technology on par with airports,” said a senior SCR official.

Explaining the importance of the Cherlapalli terminal, the official said the upcoming facility would not only reduce the burden at Secunderabad, Nampally, and Kacheguda stations but also meet the growing requirements of the city’s population. The terminal’s proximity to the Outer Ring Road (ORR) and the upcoming Regional Ring Road (RRR) would certainly help passengers on all fronts, officials pointed out.

Key Features of the New Cherlapalli Rail Terminal

  • Modern Facilities at Rs 430 Crore: The new terminal is being developed with a significant investment to ensure top-notch facilities.
  • Six Booking Counters: To ensure quick and easy access for passengers.
  • Four Additional High-Level Platforms: Enhancing the station’s capacity to handle more trains and passengers.
  • Two New Foot Over Bridges: Facilitating easy movement between platforms with 12-meter and 6-meter-wide bridges.
  • Nine Platforms with Escalators and Lifts: Ensuring accessibility for all passengers.
  • Separate Waiting Halls for Men and Women: Providing comfortable waiting areas for passengers.
  • Upper-Class Waiting Area and Executive Lounge: Offering premium facilities for upper-class passengers.
  • Cafeteria, Restaurant, and Feeding Cabins: Ensuring a variety of food options and amenities for families.
  • MMTS Phase – II Project Inclusion: Making the terminal a key part of the city’s local train network.
  • Coach Maintenance Facilities: Supporting the initiation of train services from the station.


The Cherlapalli terminal is set to become a significant addition to Hyderabad’s railway infrastructure, providing modern amenities and reducing the burden on existing stations. As the facility nears completion, it promises to offer passengers a seamless and comfortable travel experience, with state-of-the-art features and enhanced connectivity. The inauguration of this terminal will mark a new chapter in the city’s transport landscape, catering to the growing demands of its population.

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