Discover the Ultimate Shopping Experience at Nexus Mall Kukatpally

Discover the Ultimate Shopping Experience at Nexus Mall Kukatpally

Nexus Mall Kukatpally stands as a beacon of modern shopping and entertainment, offering visitors a comprehensive array of amenities and attractions. From the latest blockbusters at PVR Cinemas to exciting activities for kids at Smaaash, Nexus Mall is designed to cater to all age groups and interests. Here’s an in-depth look at what makes Nexus Mall Kukatpally a must-visit destination.

Discover the Ultimate Shopping Experience at Nexus Mall Kukatpally

Explore Nexus Mall Kukatpally, featuring PVR Cinemas, Smaaash for kids, top food brands, and all your entertainment needs. Discover why it's the ultimate shopping destination

A New Landmark in Kukatpally

Nexus Mall Kukatpally: A Shopping Haven

Nexus Mall Kukatpally (Before it was called Sujana Forum Mall)  has quickly become a central hub for shoppers and entertainment seekers in Hyderabad. Strategically located in the bustling Kukatpally area, the mall has set a new standard for retail and leisure experiences. With its modern architecture and vast array of stores, it has redefined the shopping landscape in the city.

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Architectural Marvel

The design of Nexus Mall Kukatpally is a sight to behold. It combines aesthetic appeal with functional spaces, ensuring that visitors have a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The spacious walkways, natural lighting, and well-planned layout make it easy to navigate through the mall.


Entertainment Galore

PVR Cinemas: Movies Like Never Before

Explore Nexus Mall Kukatpally, featuring PVR Cinemas, Smaaash for kids, top food brands, and all your entertainment needs. Discover why it's the ultimate shopping destination

One of the key attractions of Nexus Mall is the state-of-the-art PVR Cinemas, where movie lovers can enjoy the latest releases in unparalleled comfort. With multiple screens and advanced audiovisual technology, PVR ensures an immersive cinematic experience. Whether you’re catching the latest blockbuster or enjoying an indie film, PVR Cinemas at Nexus Mall provides the perfect setting.

  • Comfort and Luxury: The cinema halls are equipped with plush seating, ample legroom, and top-notch sound systems, enhancing the overall movie-watching experience.
  • Variety of Showtimes: With numerous screens, PVR offers a wide range of showtimes to fit your schedule.

Smaaash: Fun for the Entire Family

Explore Nexus Mall Kukatpally, featuring PVR Cinemas, Smaaash for kids, top food brands, and all your entertainment needs. Discover why it's the ultimate shopping destination

Smaaash offers a unique blend of sports, virtual reality, music, and dining for both kids and adults. Whether it’s bowling, arcade games, or VR experiences, Smaaash guarantees endless fun and excitement. It is the ultimate destination for those looking to indulge in some thrilling activities.

  • Virtual Reality Experiences: Dive into a world of VR games that offer a highly immersive and interactive experience.
  • Bowling and Arcade: Enjoy a game of bowling or explore a wide range of arcade games that are perfect for all ages.

Dining and Shopping

Explore Nexus Mall Kukatpally, featuring PVR Cinemas, Smaaash for kids, top food brands, and all your entertainment needs. Discover why it's the ultimate shopping destination

Gastronomic Delights

Nexus Mall boasts an extensive food court featuring popular brands like McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, and more. From fast food to gourmet meals, the mall’s diverse culinary offerings cater to all taste buds.

  • Wide Variety of Cuisines: Whether you’re in the mood for Indian, Chinese, Italian, or fast food, the food court has something for everyone.
  • Comfortable Seating: The food court is designed with comfortable seating arrangements, making it a perfect spot for a leisurely meal.

Retail Heaven

The mall houses a wide range of stores from international and local brands, providing a comprehensive shopping experience. Fashion enthusiasts can find the latest trends at outlets like Zara, H&M, and Lifestyle.

  • Fashion and Accessories: Shop the latest fashion trends, footwear, accessories, and more at the numerous stores in the mall.
  • Electronics and Gadgets: Find the latest electronics and gadgets at stores like Croma and Reliance Digital.

Impact and Analysis

Boosting Local Economy

Nexus Mall has not only provided a new shopping destination but has also significantly contributed to the local economy by creating jobs and attracting visitors from across the city and beyond. The mall has become a crucial part of the community, offering opportunities for local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Community Hub

Beyond shopping and entertainment, the mall serves as a social hub where friends and families can gather, making it a cornerstone of community life in Kukatpally. The mall regularly hosts events, workshops, and seasonal celebrations that bring people together.


With its impressive array of amenities, Nexus Mall Kukatpally is more than just a shopping center; it’s a vibrant destination for entertainment, dining, and socializing. Whether you’re looking to catch the latest movie, entertain the kids, or enjoy a meal with friends, Nexus Mall has something for everyone. Make your next outing memorable with a visit to Nexus Mall Kukatpally.

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FAQs : Nexus Mall Kukatpally

  1. What are the operating hours of Nexus Mall Kukatpally?
    • Nexus Mall Kukatpally is open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day.
  2. How many variety movies does PVR Cinemas at Nexus Mall have?
    • PVR Cinemas offering a wide variety of movies and showtimes.
  3. What kind of activities are available at Smaaash?
    • Smaaash offers activities like bowling, arcade games, virtual reality experiences, and more.
  4. Are there any exclusive stores at Nexus Mall Kukatpally?
    • Yes, the mall hosts exclusive stores from top brands such as Zara, H&M, and Lifestyle.
  5. Is parking available at Nexus Mall Kukatpally?
    • Yes, the mall provides ample parking space for visitors.
  6. What dining options are available at the food court?
    • The food court includes popular outlets like McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, and more.
  7. Are there any events or promotions held at Nexus Mall?
    • Nexus Mall regularly hosts events and promotions. Check their website or social media for the latest updates.
  8. Is there a children’s play area at the mall?
    • Yes, there is a dedicated play area for children, including activities at Smaaash.
  9. Can I book movie tickets for PVR Cinemas online?
    • Yes, movie tickets can be booked online via the PVR website or app.
  10. Are there any fitness centers or spas in the mall?
    • The mall features fitness centers and spas for wellness enthusiasts.
  11. Does Nexus Mall have Wi-Fi access?
    • Not Sure
  12. Is the mall accessible for differently-abled individuals?
    • Nexus Mall is designed to be accessible for differently-abled individuals, with ramps and elevators available.
  13. What safety measures are in place at Nexus Mall?
    • The mall follows stringent safety protocols, including regular sanitization and security checks.
  14. Are there any loyalty programs for frequent shoppers?
    • Yes, Nexus Mall offers loyalty programs and memberships with exclusive benefits.
  15. How can I get to Nexus Mall Kukatpally using public transportation?
    • The mall is easily accessible via public transportation, including buses and metro services.
  16. What entertainment options are available besides movies and Smaaash?
    • Besides movies and Smaaash, the mall hosts live performances, music events, and seasonal celebrations.
  17. Are pets allowed in the mall?
    • Pets are generally not allowed, except for service animals.
  18. Can I rent space for a store or event in the mall?
    • Yes, space can be rented for stores or events. Contact the mall management for details.
  19. Is there a customer service desk at the mall?
    • Yes, the mall has a customer service desk to assist visitors with their queries.
  20. What COVID-19 precautions are being taken at Nexus Mall?
    • The mall adheres to COVID-19 guidelines, including mandatory masks, social distancing, and regular sanitization.

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