Discover How Hyderabad Churches are Transforming Summer Vacations for Kids!

Discover How Hyderabad Churches are Transforming Summer Vacations for Kids!

Hyderabad Vacation Bible Schools : During the summer holidays, churches across the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad have been bustling with activities, hosting Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) for children. These events, typically lasting a week or ten days, are designed to entertain and educate kids through a variety of engaging activities centered around Biblical themes. This year, in addition to traditional songs, skits, and stories, churches have incorporated social awareness programs, notably focusing on traffic safety.

Discover How Hyderabad Churches are Transforming Summer Vacations for Kids!

Explore how Hyderabad churches are engaging kids with Vacation Bible Schools this summer, featuring Biblical lessons, skits, songs, and essential road safety education.

VBS Activities and Themes

The VBS programs are meticulously planned to provide a wholesome experience for children, blending fun with learning. Songs, skits, stories, and music are used to teach Biblical lessons in an engaging manner. Recent years have seen the inclusion of social awareness sessions, such as those organized in collaboration with the traffic police, aimed at educating children about road safety. These interactions not only impart essential knowledge but also instill a sense of responsibility in young minds.

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Diverse Attendance and Tailored Programs

Each church tailors its VBS program to cater to its community, attracting varying numbers of children. Attendance ranges from 100 to nearly 1,000 children, depending on the church’s size and resources. For instance, the Jar of Clay Fellowship in Bandlaguda Jagir, which faced challenges in numbers, partnered with another church to ensure a vibrant and lively event. Pastor Moses highlighted the participation of attendees such as Dhana Lakshmi, Vijaya Lakshmi, Olivia, and Prassana, who gathered at the church on Chapel Road.

Special Programs and Activities

The United Peoples Fellowship conducted a six-day program titled “Saul to Paul,” which combined traditional VBS activities with written exams based on the book of Ephesians. Sister Joy Cherian expressed her excitement over the children’s eagerness to learn and participate. This structured approach not only made learning fun but also encouraged a deeper understanding of the Bible.

Community Involvement and Support

At CSI Wesley Church in Ramkote, the concluding event was a grand affair, attended by 300 children and their parents. The program’s success was attributed to the efforts of 50 dedicated teachers. Committee member Peter Divakar mentioned that breakfast was provided to the children throughout the ten days, culminating in a grand dinner for the closing ceremony. This level of community involvement ensured that the children were well-cared for and thoroughly enjoyed their time at VBS.

Innovative Teaching Methods

The Baptist Church in Narayanguda focused on creative storytelling and innovative ways of teaching songs to keep the children engaged. Similarly, at John Wesley Methodist Church in Goutamnagar, Malkajgiri, pastor Reverend Dr. D.H. Paul praised the involvement of children, youth, and teachers. The youth played a significant role, contributing through skits and special songs, which added to the overall impact and effectiveness of the VBS program.


Vacation Bible Schools in Hyderabad are more than just a way to keep children occupied during their summer break. They provide a platform for spiritual growth, social awareness, and community bonding. The dedication of pastors, teachers, and volunteers ensures that each child leaves with valuable lessons, cherished memories, and a sense of belonging. As these programs continue to evolve, incorporating modern educational elements and social messages, they remain a vital part of the summer vacation experience for many children in Hyderabad.

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FAQs about Hyderabad Churches’ Vacation Bible Schools

  1. What are Vacation Bible Schools (VBS)?
    • Vacation Bible Schools (VBS) are educational and recreational programs organized by churches, typically during the summer holidays, to teach children Biblical themes through songs, skits, stories, and various activities.
  2. Which churches in Hyderabad host VBS programs?
    • Many churches across Hyderabad host VBS programs, including Jar of Clay Fellowship, United Peoples Fellowship, CSI Wesley Church, Baptist Church in Narayanguda, and John Wesley Methodist Church, among others.
  3. When do VBS programs usually take place?
    • VBS programs are usually held during the summer holidays, lasting for a week or ten days.
  4. What activities are included in VBS programs?
    • Activities typically include songs, skits, stories, music, interactive sessions, and sometimes social awareness programs like traffic safety education.
  5. Who can attend VBS programs?
    • VBS programs are generally open to children of all ages, though the specific age range may vary by church.
  6. Do children need to register for VBS programs?
    • Yes, most churches require children to register in advance to participate in VBS programs.
  7. Is there a fee to attend VBS programs?
    • Some churches may charge a nominal fee for materials and snacks, while others offer the program for free.
  8. Are meals provided during VBS programs?
    • Many VBS programs include meals or snacks for the children. For example, CSI Wesley Church in Ramkote provided breakfast throughout the program.
  9. What themes are covered in VBS programs?
    • Themes vary by year and church, but they generally revolve around Biblical stories and teachings. For instance, United Peoples Fellowship had a theme called “Saul to Paul.”
  10. Are parents allowed to attend VBS programs?
    • Parents are usually welcome to attend the concluding events, where children showcase what they have learned through performances and presentations.
  11. How can I find out about upcoming VBS programs in Hyderabad?
    • Information about upcoming VBS programs can be found on the respective church’s website, social media pages, or by contacting the church directly.
  12. Can children from non-Christian backgrounds attend VBS programs?
    • Yes, VBS programs are typically open to all children, regardless of their religious background.
  13. What is the purpose of incorporating social awareness sessions in VBS?
    • Social awareness sessions, such as those on traffic safety, are included to teach children important life skills and promote community well-being.
  14. Who organizes and runs the VBS programs?
    • VBS programs are organized and run by church staff, volunteers, and sometimes community members who are dedicated to children’s education and spiritual growth.
  15. What is the benefit of children attending VBS programs?
    • Children benefit from VBS programs by learning Biblical teachings, gaining social skills, engaging in fun activities, and building a sense of community.
  16. Are there any special requirements for children to participate in VBS?
    • Specific requirements vary by church, but generally, children should be registered in advance and may need to follow certain guidelines set by the church.
  17. How can volunteers get involved in VBS programs?
    • Volunteers can get involved by contacting the church, attending training sessions, and helping with various activities, such as teaching, organizing events, and providing meals.
  18. Do VBS programs include any field trips or outings?
    • Some VBS programs may include field trips or special outings, though this depends on the church’s resources and planning.
  19. What is the role of youth in VBS programs?
    • Youth often play a significant role in VBS programs by assisting with skits, songs, and activities, and serving as role models for younger children.
  20. How do VBS programs impact the community?
    • VBS programs positively impact the community by fostering a sense of togetherness, providing valuable education and entertainment for children, and promoting social awareness on important issues.

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