Shocking Midnight Drug Bust at Hyderabad’s Elite Party: 24 Nabbed in Raid!

Shocking Midnight Drug Bust at Hyderabad’s Elite Party: 24 Nabbed in Raid!

Hyderabad Drug Bust : In a significant crackdown on drug use, the Telangana Anti-Narcotics Bureau (TGANB) raided the high-profile ‘Forest Alchemy – 3rd Edition’ event at ‘The Cave Bar and Lounge’ in Manikonda on Saturday night, apprehending 24 individuals for drug consumption.

Shocking Midnight Drug Bust at Hyderabad’s Elite Party: 24 Nabbed in Raid!

Breaking news: Telangana Anti-Narcotics Bureau raids 'Forest Alchemy' event in Hyderabad, arresting 24 attendees for drug consumption. Discover the details of this high-profile bust.
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Midnight Raid Shocks Attendees

Acting on specific intelligence, a special team led by TGANB Director Sandeep Shandilya conducted the raid. The event, which started at 8 pm, saw the authorities making their move around midnight, catching attendees off guard.

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“We checked 55 persons on the spot using portable drug detection kits, and two dozen people including the DJ tested positive for drug consumption,” Shandilya revealed in a phone interview with Telangana Today. Most individuals were found to have smoked or consumed ganja, with four including the DJ testing positive for both ganja and cocaine. One person was found to have consumed MDMA.

Event Details

The ‘Forest Alchemy’ event was widely publicized and held in high regard within the city’s nightlife circles. Despite the rain, the event saw a large turnout, drawn by performances from DJ Sandeep Sharmar of ‘White Wizard’ and Foe‘Xan, who played Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and Psychedelic music.

Pre-Raid Intelligence and Planning

“We had an idea of what was going to happen. The teams were doing their homework for the last few days, and at an appropriate time, a raid was conducted. Investigation is still going on,” said an official from the TGANB.

The meticulous planning and timely execution of the raid highlight the bureau’s commitment to combating drug use in the state. This raid is part of a broader effort to address the growing concern over drug abuse, particularly at high-profile social events.

Legal Actions and Ongoing Investigation

The 24 individuals, along with the club management, have been taken into custody. The authorities are continuing the investigation, which extended well past midnight, to gather more information and possibly make further arrests.

Government Response

In response to the raid, Chief Minister Revanth Reddy announced plans to introduce new legislation aimed at combating the drug menace in Telangana. This legislative move underscores the state government’s determination to address the issue of drug abuse and ensure public safety.

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Conclusion : 

The raid on the ‘Forest Alchemy’ event is a stark reminder of the persistent issue of drug abuse within urban nightlife scenes. The swift action by the TGANB and the subsequent arrests serve as a deterrent to those who partake in or facilitate drug use. As the investigation continues, it is expected that more stringent measures will be implemented to curb such activities in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions : Hyderabad Drug Bust

  1. What is the ‘Forest Alchemy’ event?
    • The ‘Forest Alchemy’ event is a high-profile social gathering featuring Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and Psychedelic music, held at ‘The Cave Bar and Lounge’ in Manikonda, Hyderabad.
  2. Why was the event raided?
    • The event was raided by the Telangana Anti-Narcotics Bureau (TGANB) based on specific intelligence regarding drug consumption at the venue.
  3. How many people were arrested during the raid?
    • 24 individuals were apprehended for drug consumption during the raid.
  4. What substances were the attendees found to be using?
    • Most individuals were found to have smoked or consumed ganja, while some tested positive for cocaine and one person was found to have consumed MDMA.
  5. Who led the raid on the ‘Forest Alchemy’ event?
    • The raid was led by TGANB Director Sandeep Shandilya.
  6. What actions are being taken against the arrested individuals?
    • The 24 individuals and the club management have been taken into custody, and the investigation is ongoing.
  7. What measures are being taken to prevent such incidents in the future?
    • The government plans to introduce new legislation to combat drug abuse, and the TGANB continues to monitor and investigate high-profile events for illegal activities.
  8. What was the reaction of the event attendees during the raid?
    • The raid took the attendees by surprise, and several individuals were found consuming drugs on the spot.
  9. How did the authorities prepare for the raid?
    • The TGANB conducted thorough intelligence gathering and planning before executing the raid.
  10. What is the significance of this raid for Hyderabad’s nightlife scene?
    • The raid highlights the ongoing issue of drug abuse in social settings and serves as a warning to both event organizers and attendees.
  11. What is the role of DJ Sandeep Sharmar and Foe‘Xan in the event?
    • DJ Sandeep Sharmar of ‘White Wizard’ and Foe‘Xan were the main performers at the event, playing EDM and Psychedelic music.
  12. How did the weather affect the event turnout?
    • Despite the rain, the event saw a large number of attendees.
  13. What legal repercussions do the arrested individuals face?
    • The arrested individuals will face charges related to drug consumption, and the investigation will determine further legal actions.
  14. What is the Telangana Anti-Narcotics Bureau (TGANB)?
    • The TGANB is a state agency responsible for combating drug trafficking and abuse in Telangana.
  15. What steps can be taken by event organizers to prevent drug use at their events?
    • Event organizers can implement stricter security measures, conduct thorough checks, and collaborate with authorities to prevent drug use at their events.
  16. What message does this raid send to the public?
    • The raid sends a clear message that drug abuse will not be tolerated, and authorities are vigilant in their efforts to maintain public safety.
  17. What are the potential health risks of consuming drugs like ganja, cocaine, and MDMA?
    • These drugs can have severe health risks including addiction, mental health issues, and physical harm.
  18. How does the TGANB detect drug use at events?
    • The TGANB uses portable drug detection kits and conducts thorough investigations based on intelligence.
  19. What are the penalties for drug consumption in Hyderabad?
    • Penalties for drug consumption can include fines, imprisonment, and mandatory rehabilitation programs.
  20. How can individuals report suspicious activities related to drug use?
    • Individuals can report suspicious activities to the local police or the TGANB through their official channels.

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